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“Debra has been a key member of our remodeling team. We brought her in early in the process and are so glad we did. She added tremendous value to the project and worked very well with our architect and contractor. Her structural design instincts and knowledge resulted in major contributions and gorgeous results. Her talents with paint color selections also made our lives much easier and our choices much better! She guided us through many decisions, big and small, and greatly helped us navigate the work (and minimize the stress) that can arise in the details of remodeling. She is thoroughly professional, and beyond that - is highly motivated to listen and understand our ideas, needs and concerns so that she can provide solutions that work well for us. As well, time and again, she went out of her way to be very responsive whenever we'd need her inputs on sudden impending decisions. I would (and already have!) recommended Debra to friends considering home design improvements. We are grateful to have found such a gem - and look forward to continue working with her on making our dream home a reality.”

Homeowner – Cupertino

"I don't know how I would have completed my remodeling project without Debra.  I had just moved to Los Gatos from Minneapolis and needed everything from A to Z.  Her expertise and ability to listen - really listen! - and to take my ideas and turn them into the home of my dreams was invaluable.  Debra saved me so much time and energy and money by always pointing me in the right direction.  Unlike some designers who will infuse your project with their own taste and preferences, she takes the time to understand your personality and the way you will live in your home.  I gladly recommend Debra to anyone who mentions a remodeling project, large or small."

Homeowner – Los Gatos, CA

“Debra is an extremely talented designer and has done an outstanding job with our remodeling projects.  I was impressed with how she spent time with us at the outset of the project to understand our style and preferences.  We’ve loved all of her selections from finishes to furniture to fixtures and decorative accessories.  Good value is always important to us, and Debra has not only identified extremely good values in all of our purchases, but she has worked well within our budget.  She is extremely efficient, professional, responsive and a pleasure to work with.  We are thrilled with the transformation in our home and can’t recommend Debra highly enough." 

Homeowner – San Jose, CA

“As a software engineer, and the consummate tinkerer, I was confident that I could design my own kitchen.  But quickly, I began to realize that there was something subtle missing from the design that I just could not identify. It was at this point that I had the good fortune to meet Debra. Throughout the initial consultation it became clear that Debra's sense of design was exactly what I needed to take my kitchen from a square room with a sink, to a warm comfortable place in which I could both prepare food and entertain my friends. Debra was extremely easy to work with and presented all options for design decisions related to the kitchen in a very professional and organized manner. She didn't merely cater to what would be obvious I would like, but offered alternative options that allowed me to explore designs that I would have never considered on my own. We've worked well together as a team throughout the entire process: the design, selecting a contractor and even the purchase of kitchen accessories.  The relationship was so effective that I had Debra do several other projects in different parts of my home. I would recommend Debra to anyone remodeling a kitchen or any other room.”  

Homeowner – Sunnyvale, CA

“Debra inspired us to change the colors of our home.  She has an intuitive way of working with her clients, and encouraged both my husband and I to express our ideas, what we liked and didn’t like.  Debra is creative and practical, and as a result, our home is more stylish with rich colors that blend from room to room, and the new colors are very compatible with our existing furniture, carpets, and wood floors.  All I can say is, people come into our home and now say “Wow!” and we say “Debra!” 

Homeowner – Cupertino, CA

"It has been a pleasure working with Debra on a number of projects over the years. Her approach has been incredibly organized. Not only is she excellent at helping select furnishings, fabrics, building materials, wall colors, accessories, etc., she has great eye for architectural design elements. In addition what sets her apart from other design professionals is her ability to help her clients discover their own aesthetic and then make it all work." 

Homeowner – San Jose, CA

"My husband and I have very different tastes so when it came time to redo our bedroom; we were at a bit of a stand still. Our decision to go with Debra Martin Designs was a great one! Both of us have been extremely happy with the results. Debra managed to combine both our thoughts about color and design and came up with a bedroom that is lovely, functional and a reflection of both of us. Her skill in putting colors together is truly wonderful. Our bedroom is beautiful during the day and is a peaceful retreat at night. My husband has had the opportunity to work with Debra on other projects and has been delighted with her work. Debra is professional, patient and very talented. I would strongly recommend her for any design project!" 

Homeowner – San Jose, CA

When we met and hired Debra our house was in the middle of a complete remodel.  We added square footage and demolished every other existing element.  We were at the stage to make major decisions.  Debra came in and made what was to my husband and I an overwhelming task, a streamlined decision making process for us.  She really "got" us, she understood our family, our lifestyle, and our design desires.  She is so incredibly efficient and knowledgeable.  Debra designed our cabinets throughout the entire house, recommended colors, created tile patterns in the kitchen and bathroom, and so, so much more.  Our home is absolutely beautiful.  Every person that comes over is just amazed at the result.  I especially always hear how beautiful all of the colors are and how warm and stylish everything looks.  My husband and I agree that if we had made all of the design decisions by ourselves, our house would be an odd, mish-mash of styles and not be the gorgeous cohesive space that it is now.  I really cannot say enough how much we appreciate Debra's professionalism and all she has done for us.  She will be our designer for life with any and all projects we tackle!  We are happy to provide a glowing reference for Debra." 

Homeowner – Santa Clara, CA

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